Reitzammer, Katie

Katie Reitzammer

Advanced ELA 8
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Room 807
Planning Hour: 6th Hour


March 5-9

Monday- Perception vs reality lesson, graphic on Walter Mitty, Intro. Anne Frank, conjunction review
Tuesday- Read Anne Frank diary excerpt, graphic, Intro. The Book Thief and read, Conjunction review
Wednesday- Graphic on The Book Thief, Intro. and read The Auto of Miss Jane Pittman, graphic, Characterization activity, Conjunction review
Thursday- Conjunction Quiz, Finish characterization activity, Walter Mitty writing assignment
Friday- Compare and contrast the book and movie of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

March 19-23

Monday- Intro "Ransom of Red Chief", Review irony, define vocabulary, read and annotate story.
​Tuesday​- SWBST, group work on irony, literary terms chart, POV chart
​Wednesday​- Conflict graphic, classroom discussion
​Thursday​- Practice test, Literary elements and plot
​Friday​- Test, Ransom video